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Augmented NAC is the innovative high-tech dietary supplement composed of high-purity N-Acetylcysteine (NAC), processed during production in order to optimize its electromagnetic expression by enhancing its reducing (antioxidant) capabilities.
It is highly recommended to combine the intake of Augmented NAC with the use of the NAC Bracelet in order to increase antioxidant expression.

Please read carefully the contents of the ZeroSpike website and the F.A.Q.

IMPORTANT: Federazione Rinascimento Italia (FRI) and the Swiss distributor of Augmented NAC and NAC Bracelet (B.A.I. Technologies SA) do not offer any medical service, nor medical advice and do not propose any kind of medication.
The ZeroSpike project was established exclusively as a research project to study Sars-Cov-2 infection, new mRNA technologies and the role of the spike protein. Published results are based on scientific documentation available to anyone and in-vitro (laboratory) results. To date, there is only sporadic medical-scientific documentation about the correlation between “covid vaccination” and adverse effects (“vaccine damage”), as well as about the denaturation of the spike protein by the food supplement NAC and – in a greater percentage (100%), by Augmented NAC – has been demonstrated only in the laboratory and does not mean that it can help in-vivo those intoxicated by this protein. Only medical professionals can evaluate the individual case history and suggest possible treatment, either by drugs or by other substances.

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