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The NAC Bracelet is a device that releases ions through potential differences with the skin. This ion flux generates very low-intensity magneto-electric signals (in the order of nanoTesla) that optimise the electromagnetic expression of NAC, enhancing its reducing (antioxidant) capabilities.
In laboratory tests (in-vitro), the denaturation rate of the spike protein was seen to increase from an average of 12%-15% (with peaks of up to 64%) to 99.8% in less than 24 hours.
The NAC Bracelet is composed of a series of materials, the main ones being magnesium, carbon and piezo-pyroelectric components, which are used to generate and modulate ion flux.

The NAC bracelet is not a medical device, nor does it have any mechanical or metabolic effect on the human body.
It is a high-tech product to optimise the antioxidant properties of the food supplement N-Acetylcysteine (NAC), as explained in the ZeroSpike website.

Before using the NAC bracelet, please read the FAQ carefully and watch the video on how to wear the bracelet correctly.

It is highly recommended to combine the Bracelet with the Augmented NAC.

Peso 0.005 kg
Dimensiones 24 × 2 × 0.3 cm